Boating Tips & More...

Boating Tips

  • For proper towing you should locate your hitch at 18-20" to top of ball.
  • To avoid serious damage to your engines charging system always ensure you connect you battery correctly. RED is +positive and BLACK is -negative.
  • Visually inspect your prop after each outing. Check for debris that may have come in contact with your prop. Fishing line can get lodged in your prop causing damage to bearings and seals. Always follow your owners manual when removing your prop or contact us for an appointment.

Safety Checklist

  • Before trailing your boat to the lake be sure to check your trailers lights and tire pressure.
  • Ensure you have enough life jackets for all passengers.
  • When an emergency happens on the water seconds count. Always have your Boaters Safety Kit in the boat.
  • Check that you have oars on board.
  • Always ensure your boat plug or plugs are securely in place before entering the water.
  • Be sure to have a fully charged battery.

Did You Know?

  • Did you know that effective September 15, 2009 anyone who operates a boat is required to obtain a boat operator card. If you need your card visit PABI.
  • Different lakes have different altitudes. Altitude determines how well your motor and prop work together. Contact us if you need help determining the correct prop for your favorite lake.
  • In board and stern drive engines freeze between -2c (28F) and -5c (23F).